If you want to offer something different and new to your customers, employees or partners in any private and / or corporate event, do not hesitate to contact José Tejada.

Your success will be assured!

José Tejada offers different magical formats that adapt perfectly to your needs.

From a theatre show, where all the public vibrates and is impregnated with magic and illusion being participants in the magic effects and mental experiments that are carried out on the stage, to a close up magic show where José Tejada surprises and entertains a few centimeters away of the attendees.
José Tejada offers a novel and ideal format for your galas, awards, corporate dinners, etc. creating a show that will be fully customized according to the purpose of your company or the reason for its celebration. Undoubtedly the option of a combination of both formats, stage and close up magic, would make your event not only truly magical, but also unforgettable.
The corporate and private shows of José Tejada are designed to entertain, amaze and surprise the attending public, as well as make them laugh.
During his performance, Jose Tejada will implant and extract thoughts, influence the behavior of the public and carry out multiple experiments related to the subconscious mind and neuroscience where the assistants will be the true stars of the show.

Do not hesitate, make a difference and make your event magical!