José Tejada began his intense journey through the world of magic and mentalism at the early age of 8 years when, like many other children of his generation, he received his first magic box set for Christmas. He knew how to take advantage of the gift because three years later he already had a magic role on a local television program (Fuengirola TV).

The television and audiovisual world also aroused his restless curiosity and, after completing his studies- sound and vision, he received an offer to be part of the staff of Canal Sur TV (Andalusia TV channel). He began to acquire knowledge of neurolinguistic programming, non-verbal communication and studied carefully the model of human behavior and its patterns.

In 2006, he had a magical encounter with the famous magician and mentalist Keith Barry, who knew how to appreciate the potential and talent of José Tejada. From then on he became his mentor. With the advice of Mr. Barry, he created his first theater show called “Extraordinary”, which was followed by “Urban Magic”, the show that would best suit his particular and personal style. With “urban magic” José transcended to the stages, appearing on television to conduct his own space in a magazine program in the province of Málaga.
After consolidating his career on national stages, he made the leap to Europe. In 2011, he toured Ireland and the United Kingdom with his mentor Keith Barry. After the tour, Jose Tejada took part in the creation and realization of the first advertisement that uses subjects in hypnotic trance, filmed in Johannesburg (South Africa).

In 2012 after another successful tour, José Tejada also brought his magic to Australia and New Zealand as a result of the television program “Brainhacker”, carried out by Irish television TV3, where he participates fully with his friend and partner Keith Barry. In 2013, he achieved public and
professional recognition in the Republic of Ireland where he was recognized as a 2013 revelation mentalist. Afterwards he participated and advised in the successful program “You’re Back in the room” on British channel ITV and he became the only Spanish magician and mentalist who collaborated in the second part of the successful magic film “Now you see me 2”.

In 2015 he did, with Keith, “the Brainkacker Tour” in Ireland and at the same time participated in the Australian version of the television phenomenon “You`re back in the room”.

In 2016, he took part in the show “Out of Control” and afterwards he returned to Ireland again doing some more productions with Keith and both travelled to Los Angeles, California to carry out “Hypnotize me ” which consisted of 8 television programs for the FOX network, where hypnosis is
once again the theme!. The show was a huge success and the format was sold worldwide, so at the end of 2017 they created “Hypnomagick” a tour that has been talked a lot about since. After this tour, in 2018, Jose was required as the main hypnotist of the “Divertidamente” success program for the Portuguese National Television Network SIC .This program broke all the audience records ever in Portugal! Later that year, together with his partner Keith Barry, they carried out the Irish Tour with the show “Magic Mad House”.

2019 has started with the participation of Jose Tejada in one of the most successful TV shows “New Year’s Eve Special” for the national Irish Television Network RTÉ. Shortly after he added the Irish Tour 2018/19 “DECEPTION” – a new show that delves into the deceptions carried out in the current society of the 21st century by the media, cult groups, social networks and by false advertising.

This young Spaniard, without a doubt, has earned a place among the professional elite of television and stage-magic in this current generation.